Snapzu Blog Enhancement Suite

The Blog Enhancement Suite is now GrindZero.

We’ve changed our name, but our mission remains the same! GrindZero is the new and ultimate all-in-one web suite of growth tools to help you get found, followed, and your creative work appreciated!

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Here's how it works in 3 simple steps:

Create a new tribe on Snapzu

1. Create a new tribe on Snapzu.

Create your new community and seed it with some initial links/content that's relatable to your blog/niche. We make it really quick and easy, and it takes less than 5 minutes! We "eat our own dog food" so to speak, and here's our kick ass tribe!

2. Connect your mailing list.

Connect your mailing list to your new tribe. For now we're only partnered with Mailchimp, but we will be adding more mailing list services soon. If you don't use Mailchimp, it's free up to 2000 subscribers!

3. Link and share your new tribe.

When people visit and inevitably join your tribe, they will also join your mailing list, unless they unselect the option. This new "cross-promotion" tactic works 3x more effectively than any other opt-in method.

Get started in less than 15 minutes below, or keep reading to learn more!

At the core of Snapzu lies a beautifully designed, feature-rich, and fully responsive community platform built by bloggers for bloggers (and other content creators!)

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Our extensive community-focused features work together seamlessly connecting the four fundamental pieces of a prosperous blog.


Your blood, sweat, and tears go into running your blog. You deserve the right tools for the job. That's where we come in.


Add unparalleled value and engagement to your blog with content created, shared, and curated by your community members.


Reduce your blog's dependency on the ad-block plagued advertising model with our next-gen revenue sharing program.


Grow your mailing list faster by offering 'community access', and build authority by leveraging our existing network & social influence.

GrindZero provides several advantages unavailable anywhere else.


GrindZero is a complete web-based package of growth, enhancement, engagement, and monetization tools created by bloggers for bloggers such as yourself who are tired of the same old "good enough" mentality.

  • Manage With Ease
    Run and manage your community from your own easy-to-use control panel, where you can change visuals, set permissions, check stats, manage posted content, assign moderators, and much more. You are always in full control of your community.

  • Build Relations
    The ability to communicate with your readers, participating members, or even other bloggers with our built-in private messaging brings huge networking and relationship building potential. Want feedback from your users? Or to team up and work with other bloggers? Now you can.

  • Share Knowledge
    All community leaders and participating bloggers have access to our private community, where we share insightful content, discuss blogging in general, ask questions, leave suggestions, share experiences, offer tips & tricks, brainstorm "growth hacks", and more to help each other along the way.


If there's one thing that all bloggers can agree on, it's that "content is king". Embed your community directly onto your blog — such as the sidebar — and enjoy unparalleled social functionality and engagement previously unavailable anywhere. Turn your "readers" into potential content creators, curators, moderators, and/or participants.

  • User Collaboration
    Your members can create and/or submit content such as articles, news, images, videos and discussion posts. Let your audience participate and stay engaged with significantly more than just archaic "guestbook" style commenting.

  • Democratic Curation
    Voting allows your community to collectively self-moderate, rewarding new, original, and/or insightful content with more and longer exposure. In addition, with this system in place, spam or other unwanted content stands no chance.

  • Content Mirroring
    With our dynamic "multi-tribe" content organization, any existing content submission can easily be duplicated, or “mirrored” into multiple additional communities. This nifty functionality allows you to easily maintain a busy and engaging atmosphere, especially important if your community is new and just starting out.

  • Social Media Automation
    Use your community's customizable RSS feed to have its best and highest voted content automatically shared on all your social network profiles using free automation tools such as IFTTT. We'll show you exactly how to build your external reach and regularly promote your blog, its content, and its community, even while you sleep!.


Because of the notorious "chicken or the egg" problem, finding new audience is one of the most grueling and frustrating ongoing tasks of any serious blogger. This platform along with its established networks and social channels help expand your reach and build your audience using a trusted and fair democratic approach that rewards work ethic, content quality and uniqueness.

  • Mailchimp Integration
    Connect your Mailchimp account to your Snapzu tribe and start building your mailing list 3x faster. This new and unique method of collecting emails by offering "community access" is a monumental improvement on the old and tired "freebie" method of providing a free e-book, online course, or any other digital freebie in return for an email address.

  • Front Page & More
    Highest voted content from all communities ends up on the front page, along with several other highly-visited areas of the Snapzu platform. This allows hundreds of thousands of existing Snapzu users find your community and its content.

  • Social Channels
    Each of our fourteen main categories has its own set of social channels where we routinely share the top posts from all communities in said category.

  • Round-up Lists
    We regularly publish round-ups of the top content submitted into communities of a specific category over a one week period. These highly shareable lists then get spread around via our social channels for one final go-around to get maximum exposure and readership.


You deserve to get paid for your work! With our extensive revenue-sharing program, you earn up to 55% commission the instant any of your referred community members buys credits to upgrade their own, or any other Snapzu member's account to premium membership.

  • New Revenue Stream
    Make your blog profitable without diminishing its brand with annoying and invasive advertising tactics or dodgy affiliate programs. Simply focus on the growth and well-being of your community and let our engaging platform and proven business model do the rest.

  • Always Open
    Your content works for you 24/7/365. When people find your community content via search engines, social networks, word-of-mouth, or elsewhere, they are prompted to join your community, each counting as a referral if they do. A post going viral is like hitting the jackpot!

  • Gain Loyal Supporters
    Members of your community — even those you didn't refer — are able to support your community directly or when upgrading their account to premium membership. Build a loyal member base that can financially support you, your community, and your blog.

Our Manifesto

Your blog deserves more.

Modern social media has forever changed the way content is consumed as readers gravitate towards services that create engaging and interactive posts which offer more than the old fashioned “read, comment, repeat” experience. Today your readers expect more, and rightfully so.

Increasingly invasive advertising has drastically transformed the way readers interact with blogs and their content. Millions of annoyed readers depend on ad-block software to fend off aggressive ads that introduce malware, slow down browsing, and negatively affect their web experience. This sucks.

Several years ago we found ourselves working with regular everyday bloggers to help them tackle many important challenges that typically go vastly underestimated, including the seemingly impossible tasks of generating content, building audience and increasing revenue. The big revelation came upon our realization that adding a community aspect not only made a standard blog remarkably more lively and engaging, it also gained several other key advantages in the currently outdated blogging landscape.

We've since developed a deep understanding of online communities; how they come together, how they interact with each other, and most importantly, how invaluable they are to any blog. We are putting this knowledge into action on a wider scale by building something that can help bloggers help themselves, in a way previously only reserved for the few established blogs with big budgets.

We are Snapzu — a small scrappy team made up of developers, designers, engineers, and you guessed it, bloggers, working towards one clear and unified vision — to expand on and improve the blogging experience. We've already created the most robust social sharing and discussion platform, and with our Blog Enhancement Suite, we strive to make this incredible software available to anyone, anywhere.

The time to level the playing field could not come soon enough.