Snapzu Blog Enhancement Suite

About Us

Snapzu BES was created to serve as a platform for thousands of interest-driven social communities, and a suite of powerful blog enhancement tools to make your blog more awesome! Our goal is to transform how audiences interact with your blog by helping you to quickly setup and grow a thriving community around it. It's no secret that a blog's potential audience is fragmented and scattered across a dozen social media platforms. It's time to stop chasing your audience, and instead give them a place to engage and contribute.

If you're wondering what we mean, here is our own blogger community!

Here's what we offer for aspiring bloggers!

Blog Enhancement Suite:

Our package of newly launched web-based tools allow bloggers like yourself to FINALLY have the chance to take full advantage of the concept of "strength in numbers", while making your blog's content more plentiful, engaging, and memorable. It was imagined, planned, and developed with the current blogging landscape in mind, along with the hard fact that most bloggers are already established on a platform they chose long ago and don't want to go through the hassle of switching. Our "Freemium" business model allows us to fund our operational costs while continuing to offer a robust free option.

Blog Enhancement Community:

Our primary "All things blogging" community, powered by the Snapzu social platform. Thanks to our ever-growing community of wonderful blogger members, it's THE place to get to get news, links, articles, opinions, advice, tutorials, strategies, and musings on all types of relevant topics such as blogging (duh!), writing, freelancing, social media, networking, creativity, productivity, and other common blogging interests. We also welcome text posts, such as questions, suggestions, strategies, and experiences, about blogging in general, along with the tools that BES provides. Come one come all!

Blog Enhancement Blog:

Our sacred place of sharing wisdom, opinion, expression, and well you know -- you should be quite familiar with the concept! Powered by Wordpress CMS, we practice what we preach by having our live BES Community embedded just on the right (or on the bottom if on mobile) using the nifty tools available in the Blog Enhancement Suite. The weekly community round-up lists, a recent addition featuring the five highest voted user-submitted posts from the /t/BES community, are just one example of how running a blog community alongside our blog gives us a growth advantage unavailable before, helping us quickly and efficiently provide great content even on those slower weeks -- hey, we all have them! Check it out and be sure to subscribe if you like what you see!

Our Story:

Snapzu, the community platform at the core of this Blog Enhancement Suite, went live in 2013 to much fanfare and currently hosts 1000's of active web communities where people can discuss, create content, share links, and participate in ways unlike anywhere else. Our extended social features and gamification create an ideal environment for bloggers to fit right in while leveraging the power of community to help their blog excel. For more information on all things "Snapzu", you can check out the FAQ here.

Our Manifesto:

Your blog deserves more.

Modern social media has forever changed the way content is consumed as readers gravitate towards services that create engaging and interactive posts which offer more than the old fashioned "read, comment, repeat" experience. Today your readers expect more, and rightfully so.

Increasingly invasive advertising has drastically transformed the way readers interact with blogs and their content. Millions of annoyed readers depend on ad-block software to fend off aggressive ads that introduce malware, slow down browsing, and negatively affect their web experience. This sucks.

Several years ago we found ourselves working with regular everyday bloggers to help them tackle many important challenges that typically go vastly underestimated, including the seemingly impossible tasks of generating content, building audience and increasing revenue. The big revelation came upon our realization that adding a community aspect not only made a standard blog remarkably more lively and engaging, it also gained several other key advantages in the currently outdated blogging landscape.

We've since developed a deep understanding of online communities; how they come together, how they interact with each other, and most importantly, how invaluable they are to any blog. We are putting this knowledge into action on a wider scale by building something that can help bloggers help themselves, in a way previously only reserved for the few established blogs with big budgets.

We are Snapzu, a small scrappy team made up of developers, designers, engineers, and you guessed it, bloggers, working towards one clear and unified vision: to expand on and improve the blogging experience. We've already created the most robust social sharing and discussion platform, and with this Blog Enhancement Suite, we strive to make this incredible software available to anyone, anywhere.

The time to level the playing field could not come soon enough.