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HOBBYIST $0.00/ Month

Start your very own community to better your blog and start growing your mailing list 3x faster! It's free and takes less than five minutes to setup!

  • Community Growth Tools
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • No Third-Party Advertising
  • Embeddable Widget
  • Mirroring Functionality
  • Live Notifications
  • Bookmarklet
  • XP Leveling System
  • Reputation System
  • Private Messaging
  • Up To 100 E-mails
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PROFESSIONAL $79.00/ Month

Our top tier plan that comes with all the bells and whistles! Get full customization and access to our most advanced features, and earn a 10% bonus when cashing out referral earnings.

  • All HOBBYIST Perks
  • +
  • All ASPIRANT Perks
  • +
  • Expanded Embeddable Widget
  • Additional 10% Cash-Out Bonus
  • 2x Snapzu Platinum Giveaway
  • Live Chat Support
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Plan Comparison:

A more descriptive explanation of each of our most prominent features and what plan they are available in.

Your Own Blog Community

Run your own Snapzu community that's relevant in niche/topic to your blog. It's yours for free, forever, and will help transform your blog into a social and engaging experience unrivaled anywhere.

Mailchimp Integration

Connect your Mailchimp account to your Snapzu tribe and start building your mailing list 3x faster. This new and unique method of collecting emails by offering "community access" is a monumental improvement on the old and tired "freebie" method of providing a free e-book, online course, or any other digital freebie in return for an email address.

No Third-Party Advertising

No third-party advertising anywhere on the Snapzu community platform.

Unlimited Page Views

Your community (and/or widget) has no visit limitations or thresholds as we strive to be fair and equal to all community leaders/bloggers regardless of popularity or influence. Everyone deserves a fair chance.

Unlimited Members

Your community (and/or widget) can have as many members as you (and your blog) can handle.

Unlimited Content

Your community (and/or widget) can host unlimited content.

Posting & Commenting Functionality

Post, comment, and interact as much as your heart desires on your own community, along with the 1000's of other communities hosted on the Snapzu platform.

Community Voting

The community voting system is a fair and democratic approach to content curation on the Snapzu platform. All community members can up/down vote on all submissions, comments, related links and more. The total sum of all votes decides a post's exposure time length, positioning, and size on the front page grid. It also allows each community to essentially self-moderate, making management a lot easier and far less time consuming.

Built-In Growth & Discoverability

Your community is automatically plugged in to our existing network which will help gain (initial & additional) audience from tens of thousands of members in thousands of communities run by bloggers, influencers, and people just like yourself.

Community Growth Tools

Get access to unlimited invite codes and your community's own unique invite URL used to grow your community at your own pace.

Embeddable Widget

Quickly and easily embed your community directly onto your blog using your own community widget to vastly enhance its engagement and increase its content with user-submitted content from your community. Give your audience incredible new social functionality while making your blog stand out from the rest!

Mirroring Functionality

"Mirroring" allows you to quickly duplicate other similar communities already submitted content into your own community. This nifty functionality allows you to easily maintain a busy and engaging atmosphere, especially important when your community is new and just starting out.

Live Notifications

Get notified the instant you get a new follower, member, mention, comment, or reply, using our baked-in notification system.


The provided browser bookmarklet allows you to quickly and easily share any images, videos, and links with your community (and any other Snapzu communities), even when you're not on Snapzu at the time.

Integrated User XP Leveling System

Experience Points (XP) are earned for many activities on Snapzu and are used by members to reach higher experience levels. With each level up, certain permanent perks and upgrades are rewarded to each user. XP makes a great way to quickly distinguish new users from experienced users and adds an additional element of fun.

Integrated User Reputation System

Each member has a reputation score which is a percentage score (1-100%) based on recent activity and engagements, summed up from all up/down votes received from the rest of the Snapzu community. This adds an additional element of trust and helps thwart spammers, trolls, and any other unwelcome users.

Down Vote Reason Feedback

When any post/submission is down-voted, that member is asked to leave a reason for the down vote. Such reasons include: Re-post, Misleading, Blatant Spam, Excessively self-serving, Copypasta (Plagiarism), Broken Link, No NSFW Tag, Behind Paywall, Poorly Formatted, Bigoted, Incendiary, Factually Inaccurate, and None of the Above. This functionality allows the OP (original poster) understand why that specific post/share was down voted.

Private Messaging

The ability to communicate with your readers, participating members, or even other bloggers with our built-in private messaging brings huge networking and relationship building potential.

Activity Based Achievements

Achievements are virtual prizes that are given out for participating in various activities in the community. There are 24 different achievements available for each member to earn, each with five different progress levels including ribbon, bronze, silver, gold and diamond.

Access To /t/BES Community

All community leaders and participating bloggers/influencers have access to our B.E.S. (Blog Enhancement Suite) community, where we discuss blogging in general, ask questions, leave suggestions, share experiences, offer tips & tricks, brainstorm "growth hacks", and anything else to help each other along the way.

Community Support

Have any problems, questions, or suggestions? Make a post on the /t/BES tribe and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Other members can also help you out!

$79 / Month Professional Perks
Advanced Embeddable Widget

The ability to fully customize your community's widget ensures that it looks exactly how you want it to when embedded on your blog. With the added abilities to edit colors, specify the type of content shown, change the default sorting options, and raise/lower default thresholds, your widget will be exactly how you want it.

Additional 10% Cash-Out Bonus

Automatically increase your cash-out amount by 10% as a bonus for using our professional solutions and supporting the Snapzu platform financially.

2x Snapzu Platinum Giveaway

Receive an additional 2 free one-month premium upgrades every month (for a total of 3) to give out to top tribe members of your choice. Use them in giveaways and contests to incentivize participation and grow your community!

Live Chat Support

Need live help? Chat with one of our live support agents during our operational hours of 9-5 PST, Monday thru Friday.

Support Blog Button (Coming Soon)

Your widget gets an optional "Support Blog" button that allows your members/audience to support your community (and blog) directly, while also getting Snapzu Platinum membership in return. Grow a loyal audience that will support you, your community, and your blog! Coming soon.

Weekly Toplists (Coming Soon)

Each and every week we will automatically compile your community's top posts (with the exact amount specified by you) into a nifty top list post that you can then quickly and easily post on Snapzu, your blog, your social channels, and anywhere else! Coming soon.

Weekly Email Newsletter (Coming Soon)

Automatically send out weekly emails to members of your community that opt-in to your newsletter. Coming soon.

Custom Domain (Coming Soon)

Host your own stand-alone community on your own domain, instead of using just the embeddable widget. Coming soon!

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