News: Medium blogging platform replaces heart icon with clapping icon

Medium, a platform for bloggers and writers, has recently started rolling out a clapping icon, to replace the heart icon they’ve been using for several years. All previous posts that we’re previously “loved” with hearts, have been converted to claps.

But here is the kicker — each reader, or “fan” as Medium identifies them, can clap a single “story” up to 50 times. Yes that’s right, FIFTY times! They want to mimic real clapping, at the cost of our poor, tired fingers.

Medium’s algorithm then takes into consideration a users’s typical clapping patterns and uses that to add the proper amount of weight to the post so it can rank accordingly.

Claps could be removed by moving the mouse over the clap icon until an X appears. Clicking the X removes all claps, up to 50, at once. Anyone can see who clapped at least once, but only the author can see how many claps each fan gave.

You cannot clap for your own posts, but who knows, maybe they will introduce a “pat on the back” icon some day.

Other than the icon conversion, no other major changes were made. Although we fear that begging for maximum claps at the end of each post is about to skyrocket.

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I have heard of Medium but haven’t used it yet. This should be interesting 🙂

This is so cool! I like that idea of clapping ?? for a blog post lol. It’s also kinda funny when I think about it. Thank you, very informative.