4 Common New Blogger Limiting Beliefs to Release

Being a new blogger is exciting, overwhelming and about 50 emotions in between.

I vividly recall buying my domain and hosting 10 years ago.

Day 1 seemed like the best day of my life. I had uncovered a seeming goldmine! Mansions were picked out. Did I want a red Ferrari or Porsche Carrera GT in the driveway? The possibilities were endless.

I almost quit blogging on Day 2.

How could everything change in 24 hours? I panicked. Who was I to blog? I had just been fired from my security guard job. I had no entrepreneurial bones in my body. I did not know what a blog was. I just bought something called a “domain and hosting” because some guy online told me to do it.

Thank goodness my wife talked me off of the ledge. I decided not to get a refund on my domain and hosting, put my head down and here I am today.

Most new bloggers freak out because they have no idea what to do or how to do it.

Even worse? Most new bloggers tend to cling to poverty conscious, limiting beliefs.

Trying to blog being burdened by limiting beliefs is like trying to juggle while wearing handcuffs.

Shed your limiting beliefs to accelerate your growth, to enjoy the ride and to avoid the common new blogger problems that end most blogging careers.

Follow these tips to face and release common new blogger limiting beliefs.

1: “I Tried That It Does Not Work”

One funny aspect of being a new blogger is: you know what works, what does not work and why because you tried certain techniques for hours, days or weeks.

Successful blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. Countless new bloggers have told me blog commenting does not work. I ask them for how long they have been commenting. Most sheepishly tell me 2 weeks, 2 months or 3 months.

Good things take time. I landed a high end freelance client through blog commenting but only after commenting genuinely on blogs for over 6 months. Being persistent distances you from new bloggers who give up too quickly on any strategy.

If a professional bloggers says a certain strategy works well, the strategy itself works 100% of the time for a clear, persistent, generous blogger who patiently works the strategy. The technique itself is neutral. The blogger either makes the tactic work or quits before it works.

2: “I Know How to Blog and Do Not Need Professional Help”

Some new bloggers mean well but struggle horribly because they know how to blog and need no help from top bloggers.

Of course, these same bloggers complain about getting no traffic and making no money.  Ego buries you.

Admit your blogging failure. Own the fact that you have no idea how to blog. Park your ego at the door. Humble yourself.  Learn from top pros how to blog.

Like the same solution I offer below, if you learn how to blog successfully from successful blogging tips bloggers you too succeed.

3: “I Hope This Works”

Blogging is not like a trip to Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Hope plays no role in your blogging success.

Blogging is a skill you develop through patient, calm, persistent practice. Blogging is a science. New bloggers hope to succeed because they have no practical, proven strategy to follow.

Learn from top blogging pros. Read their blogs. Hire them to coach you. Buy their course. Replace hope with certainty that you will succeed. Follow pros. They know how to lead you toward success.

4: “Making Money through Blogging Is Hard”

No! Making money through a blog is not hard.

Do you know what hard is? Hard is trying to decline bench press 330 pounds for 12 repetitions. I know because 25 years ago I was heavily into bodybuilding and power lifting in college. I loaded so much weight onto the bar doing shrugs that it began to bend while I exercised with it.

“Hard” means incredibly physically challenging or a nearly impossible physical feat. If a 95 year old who never lifted weights tried benching 330 pounds they would find it hard.

Making money through blogging is sometimes highly uncomfortable because you need to face, embrace and release fears. Hugging, feeling and releasing fear-filled emotions feels highly uncomfortable but is nowhere similar to bench pressing 330 pounds if you have not done so in 25 years. The former is 5 seconds of shame, guilt, panic or grief while the latter is physically impossible.

Blogging gets easier and easier if you blog for fun, relax, keep helping people and trust in the process. Money does come quite easily if you remove “hard” and replace with “sometimes uncomfortable.” Totally different feeling. Totally different narrative.


Bundle these new blogger limiting beliefs. Toss ’em in the trash.

Move calmly and confidently toward your blogging dreams by ridding yourself of these mental and physical shackles.

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i really needed to read this thanks for sharing I found it helpful

Thank you so much for this post! As a new blogger, this helped me SO much! You may just catch me quoting some of this blog and hanging it in my office!

Kileigh Knott

Thank you for the inspiration!!

Great post! I’ve been blogging for 2 months and I can relate to all your points. Blogging is time consuming but you’re right it’s not necessarily hard.

This is some really awesome information to share with those just starting out! I wish I’d have had something like this when I first started out!

This was a nice and refreshing take on taking the first steps in blogging. I’ve now into it for 9 months and the two things I’ve learned is…. you MUST treat this as a business if you plan to monetize from the very beginning. You have to ‘invest’ in yourself and seek out proven techniques and strategies from those bloggers who have empirical proof they are succeeding. And two, you can still blog with passion but you first NEED to learn SEO/Keyword research thoroughly and learn to adapt how you rewrite your sentences/paragraphs. It is doable and you WILL see increased traffic come to your website. It has taken time, but I now enjoy over 33% traffic solely on ‘organic’ searches.

Thanks man . I really needed this.