This Week in Blogging, Writing, and Content Creation: Sept 14 – Sept 20, 2019

Happy Friday (and National Pepperoni Pizza Day) everyone!

Preface: Welcome to another weekly round-up post from our growing community of bloggers, writers, vloggers, podcasters, and other fellow creatives. To be straight to the point, each and every week we hand-pick five top posts from a pool of the highest voted user-submitted/created posts in the community and include them in this weekly round-up blog post, along with the newsletter for all of our e-mail subscribers. As per our submission rules, posts shared can not be re-posts, or older than 1 month (31 days), meaning that all of the following are fresh and recent! Tune in every week and you will gradually become a better and more insightful creative over time!

Claiming the top spot this week is Tina Jordan of the New York Times who rounds up personal tales of various habits of five professional and successful writers that helped them get where they are today (on this week’s best-sellers list!).

Just below in second place, Zat Rana takes a unique look at the difference between surviving and thriving from the perspective of success, focusing on the psychology behind living up to our potential and why it’s important to do more than just the minimum.

Up next is Stuart Heritage, writer at The Guardian, who explains that the most efficient way to dealing with online trolls and bullies is to actually use the muting and blocking tools provided. Engaging may seem enticing, which is what they’re hoping, but will almost always just make things much worse, similar to the “Streisand effect”.

In fourth, we get to Kiera Abbamonte’s lengthy but insightful how-to post about the useful and effective strategy of repurposing written content into various formats and platforms. If you put in the time to create good content, it only makes sense to do as much as possible to squeeze all the juice of out it.

Finally, we get to a familiar name here, Tim Denning, who writes on Medium about the importance of utilizing the strengths of curation, providing some real life examples, and explains how it builds trust from your audience which is priority number one.

So without further ado, here are this week’s (Sept 14 – Sept 20, 2019) most valuable posts from the /t/BES creatives community:

? 1.  Habits of Highly Effective Writers
“Some always outline; others never do. Some write in cafes; others don’t leave the house. Here’s a peek at the writing routines of authors on this week’s best-seller lists.”

? 2.  Becoming Who You Are: Why Don’t Most Reach Their Potential?
“There are two states of being: surviving and thriving. To survive is to limit downside, to eliminate the risk of ruin — it means fulfilling our basic need for food and shelter and companionship. Thriving is different.”

? 3.  The Best Way to Deal With Online Trolls? Starve Them of Oxygen
“We live in testing times, and we have all been conditioned to be tired and punchy. But lashing out clearly isn’t working. In real life as well as online, it might be time to rediscover the lost art of ignoring dickheads.”

4. 11 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Existing Content
“90% of marketers say repurposing existing content is more effective at driving traffic than producing new content. Here are 11 creative ways to repurpose your content.”

5. As a Writer, Curation Is Part of Your Job
“There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations.”

That’s all folks! You can view all the rest of the community’s top submissions (9 more) here.

Be sure to tune in next Friday for another great weekend reading list that will make you a better and more informed blogger, writer, and/or content creator! If you have anything awesome to submit that others might enjoy, feel free to do so — it might even end up on next week’s top five!

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