This week in blogging, writing, and content creation: Sep 2 – Sep 8, 2018

Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome to the “weekly round-up” post from our ever-growing community of bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and other content creators. Every week we hand-pick five top posts from a pool of the highest voted user-submitted/created posts in the community and include them in this weekly “listicle” blog post, along with the newsletter for all of our blog subscribers.

Here are this week’s (Sept 2-8, 2017) most valuable posts from the /t/BES content creators community:

1. Don’t Worry About Being the Best. Worry About Being the Best at Getting Better.
“The swift spread of digital technology has made it possible for us to closely track and measure just about everything in our personal and professional lives — from miles run, to calories cut, to products sold. And, thanks to the connectivity afforded by social media, it’s easier…”

2. You’re Gonna Die
“Listen, this is probably one of the most difficult conversations you can possibly have, but I also think it’s one of the most empowering. It all comes down to these three little words… You’re gonna die. The reason I believe in it is because it’s ultimately practical…”

3. What Happens When a Science Fiction Genius Starts Blogging?
“In 2010, at the age of 81, the acclaimed novelist Ursula K. Le Guin started a blog. Blogs never seemed a likely destination for the writer, who by then had a long career in 20th-century traditional publishing behind her. But Le Guin’s new book, No Time To Spare…”

4. The Month in WordPress: August 2017
“While there haven’t been any major events or big new developments in the WordPress world this past month, a lot of work has gone into developing a sustainable future for the project. Read on to find out more about this and other interesting news from around the…”

5. How Some of the World’s Great Writers Begin Their Workdays.
“For anyone who writes, it is the absolute toughest and most nausea-inducing moment of the day: the minute you reach your desk to compose your first words. The screen is blank. The cursor blinks and mocks you. Imposter syndrome creeps in. What if it’s just plain bad?…”

That’s all folks! You can view all the rest of the community’s top submissions here.

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Glad I stumbled upon this post – lots of good read suggestions. I also signed up for your newsletter. Good find!


Thanks for the round-up. Lots of stimulating content here!