Pro Tip: When Blogging, We’re Stronger in Numbers.

I’ve always been clear that our social content platform was built by bloggersfor bloggers. Well, that and your audience of course!

It’s in our DNA, and thus our core functionality depends on everyone joining forces to help curate content, enforce rules, and keep order. This in turn weeds out any potential spam and trolling in the process. Content posted on Snapzu is organized into communities, and can host related links, comments, and/or allow anyone to engage in discussions. These communities (aka tribes) can then be embedded right into any participating blog.

The built-in private messaging (PM) system allows you to reach out to and be reached by other bloggers and/or your fellow community members. It’s truly phenomenal — especially for bloggers and influencers that produce and engage with quality content in their specific content niche.

We’re stronger in numbers.

The blogging industry as a whole is dependent on the collaboration and networking of those within it. Throughout the two decade history of blogging, it’s always been incredibly important for bloggers to collaborate in various ways. Whether it’s via link exchanges, comments, and or social channels. And so, with an accompanying blog community it’s not much different. Simply put, we’re stronger in numbers.

With hundreds of bloggers already on board, it’s never been easier to build and establish long-term friendships and partnerships with other like-minded individuals with common interests and experiences. Come join us at our /t/BES tribe, our official tribe for bloggers and influencers! If you have something cool to share and discuss, we urge you to do so!

Reasons to collaborate:

The following are just a few of the many results you can achieve by effectively collaborating with other bloggers:

  • Link Exchanges:
    Increase your back links with may equate to better SEO positioning, resulting in more organic search engine traffic.
  • Newsletter Link Exchanges:
    Get more readers to your blog by exchanging newsletter shout-outs with other bloggers.
  • Social Media Shout-out Exchanges:
    Build your influence and get more followers on your social media channels.
  • Feedback:
    Find out what people like and want more of with invaluable feedback.
  • Community Alliances:
    Team up with other communities, trade links on the sidebar, and grow your member count.
  • Additional Engagement:
    Get more overall activity and engagement in your community and/or blog.

So get out there. Start networking with other community leaders and bloggers, as it’s arguably the second most important ongoing task of blogging, directly after the obvious one – writing.

It’s never too late! Now is your perfect opportunity to starting building great relationships. Will you take it, or let the opportunity elude you?

Thanks for reading.

Oh, one last thing! You can connect with me and hundreds of other fellow bloggers/influencers at our community / resource library over at Snapzu! 550+ awesome submissions to date and growing!

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Checked out the tribe–thanks for that!


Very well written, easy to use and makes a lot of sense!

As a new blogger myself, I am still wading through all this information and found your post to be chock-full of good advice! I hope to gain much more knowledge from you as time goes on. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the article. Having a tribe is as important in real life as it is online. Life is so much more fun when we are connected to others. I am learning how to build my tribe online.

Great blog and so very true ?

I like most of your points, especially the one about avoiding spammers as much as possible. Especially in this ”clickbait” era we live I think it’s important to still collaborate and produce great content while sharing knowledge & engagement with other bloggers too!

Great post. I’m just started getting involved in blogging groups and it has helped so much.

I needed this. Still trying to figure out what direction to go in with my blog. These communities are engaging and really helping me stay motivated.

Great post! It really does help being in a community when blogging, it’s very hard to do it on your own!

Thanks for the advice. As a newbie in the blogging world this is very useful to know.

This looks really interesting. I’ll have to explore further. I agree that we don’t succeed without community. And as a new blogger, I really enjoy the community building process, and appreciate so much the blogging community. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

I totally agree with everything you wrote. Having a tribe is as important in real life as it is online.

Great post. Networking is so important when it comes to blog growth these days!