At Every Milestone of Your Creative Journey Awaits a Better and Faster Vehicle

It’s live! Congrats! High fives all around!

You have set out on your looooooong creative journey! Yay!

Now imagine that at certain milestones, for every set amount of distance you travel, awaits better and faster hypothetical vehicle that you can hop onto — or into.

You, along with everyone else, start off in the very beginning on foot. At first, as you start strolling along, short distances seem to take forever to get through.

But after a few wins and met goals, you’re greeted by a tricycle. Then a few more and you get to a bicycle. Next up is an electric scooter, and so on.

As you keep moving forward and progressing in your journey, you keep upgrading via countless faster bikes, then cars, then planes, then jets until you finally–and I’m talking several years here–go far enough to reach a spaceship and can shoot for the stars.

Let’s roll!

If you’re serious about getting heard or seen by a wide audience, you really can’t afford to move at a snails pace for five or ten years.  For example, if you don’t have an A+ social media game, you’ll simply get lost in all the noise. So if you don’t want to be left in the dust, you need to get moving pronto!

Can you imagine going to university once every couple weeks in an attempt to earn a PhD or doctorate? It would take eighty years instead of the standard (but still really long!) eight. Obviously no one would ever do that because they would most likely kick the bucket long before crossing the finish line.

Your visitor/follower/subscriber count is your odometer.

As you speed up with better vehicles, your odometer will not only keep rising higher, but also at a faster pace. This is similar to how compound growth works. After all, being on a jet travelling at supersonic speeds for just one single minute gets you as far as walking for an entire day.

Milestone achieved! Upgrade initiated.

There’s no question that being active on multiple social platforms will grow overall influence much faster than with just one. So there’s absolutely no reason not to get as active and on as many as possible. It’s such low hanging fruit that virtually anyone has unlimited access to.

With less than 200 new followers per month on average on each, our individual profile numbers aren’t really all that impressive… yet. But collectively we’re gaining 1000’s of followers each month scattered across the board. We’re going places!

Your content is your fuel.

Consider the content you produce, along with your social media activity as the fuel for whatever vehicle you’re coasting in.

If you run out, you will eventually come to a stop, thus unable to progress much further. That’s why you always want new and fresh content on a regular basis, as it makes maintaining a healthy social media presence a lot easier.

Feed me!

Your content, regardless whether it’s created or curated (pro tip: it should be both!) ultimately determines if someone is willing to follow you or not. Think about the places you regularly visit online, or the profiles you follow on social media. You “magically” found them and then they won you over with their content. You have to be able to do the same to be able to win others over.

Good content also gets shared a lot more, vastly improving SEO, word-of-mouth, and other organic sources of traffic. That’s exactly why we put so much emphasis on trying our best to provide high-quality and valuable posts, on an every day basis, and on as many places as we can. This includes excellent curated content that we didn’t produce but want to help get found. And we’re always looking for ways to improve.

It’s not “magic”, it’s relentlessness.

There is no roadmap. Everyone’s journey is very different in many aspects.

Finally, don’t worry about following any “roadmap to success” because there really is none. The internet is extremely vast and evolving way too fast for there to be one — at least one that’s not outdated within a couple years.

There are essentially millions of different ways someone can find out about you and/or land on one of your social profiles. It’s your job and responsibility in becoming discoverable enough and getting those people there–and by any means necessary.

Don’t mind me, just trying new things.

What works for some, might not work for others.

You have to be open minded. You have to be willing to explore new paths for shortcuts and expect hit a dead-end on most of them.

Once in a while, you’ll stumble upon something that ends up working exceptionally well, such as an original or unique content idea, or an untapped growth tactic or traffic source, and that’s when you double down.

Rinse and repeat while finding your stride, honing your skills, and with enough time, eventually whizzing by your competition.

Just make you show up. Every. Single. Day.

Thanks for reading, and until next time!

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nicely put, Jake! Your wording is encouraging and supportive. No matter what our numbers are, we are going somewhere (like you said).

Joy at The Joyous Living

Very inspirational blog post! Love the way you see everything in a creative process

Just make sure you show up >> Yep! With every new piece of content you post, you gain extra data to know what resonates with people.

Agnes Dela Cruz

A journey you take a path is always life’s challenge. Perseverance and patience with every step.

Lavern Moore

I like how to make your point with creativity using a vehicle. This incredibly inspiring!

Really inspirational! I sometimes get into a number game, but creativity shouldn’t be for numbers only but for reaching out and inspiring others (how ever small that following may be)

blair villanueva

This is very insightful! Yes, blogging actually have no roadmap, and not all guides works to every one. Its up to us to work and find our own way to excellence.

This is a very unique way of putting it! And very logical. I’ve debated on how to step up my game or whether I even want to bother. But I suppose it is the only way to truly grow.

Mila R

So can I jump into Lambo already? Please say yes! ?

Good stuff… except honestly don’t care about my visitor count, my likes or any other outside metric. This is just me doing me.


Great article! Love how you’ve explained writing

Good motivation, but it’s also really good to have a plan! I have found that listening and reading various sources helps me with TOOLS to get to my goals. I wouldn’t have found them otherwise. Thanks for the encouragement and pat on the back!

Absolutely loved this article and how creative you are.

Great info and a good reminder to keep showing up and being consistent. Also, the last gif in the post was great, it actually made me laugh out loud because sometimes trying something new feels just like that 🙂

Great analogy and tips! Thank you for sharing!

All good thoughts right now as I’m sitting at home trying to figure out how to both work and grow my audience. Thanks!

All great thoughts as I work to grow my writing and audience while also teaching from home. I guess now is as good of a time as any.