This Week in Blogging, Writing, and Content Creation: Feb 8 – Feb 14, 2020

Happy Friday (And Valentine’s Day) everyone!

Preface: Welcome to another weekly round-up post from our growing community of bloggers, writers, vloggers, podcasters, and other fellow creatives. To be straight to the point, each and every week we hand-pick five top posts from a pool of the highest voted user-submitted/created posts in the community and include them in this weekly round-up blog post, along with the newsletter for all of our e-mail subscribers. As per our submission rules, posts shared can not be re-posts, or older than 1 month (31 days), meaning that all of the following are fresh and recent! Tune in every week and you will gradually become a better and more insightful creative over time!

Let’s begin with Madeleine Dore of the BBC, who introduces the Get Your Life In Order (GYLIO) productivity “life hack” to the masses in her well researched piece on the ever-growing practice that may actually be the real deal, especially useful for those of us that also have to manage our digital lives on the side. This potentially life-changing advice may be well worth a read if you struggle with organization and getting things done regularly.

Close behind in second place, GaryVee hosts a keynote at the Senior Bowl Summit, and does an informative (and often humorous) Q&A about the history, present, and future of entrepreneurship, social media, digital marketing and other relevant topics in this 70 minute video.

Katrina Loos shares her top seven unconventional ways to be not only “followable”, but also “discoverable” on Twitter (but realistically, on most, if not all the other social networks as well), and presents some live-action personal tactics that worked well for her, and earns the digital bronze this week.

Next up, Daniel Cooper reports on Engadget about how domain prices are set to rise soon due to the ending of older Obama-era legislation that froze the price at USD $7.85. This will obviously affect entrepreneurs, businesses, creatives, and anyone else who hosts a self-hosted blog or website that has it’s own TLD.

Last but definitely not least, Darren Rowse, old school blogger and entrepreneur, shares his past experiences on how found the time to build his first sellable digital product (an e-book), and offers seven excellent tips that may help you do the same as a new avenue of potential revenue.

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