This Week in Blogging, Writing, and Content Creation: Apr 20 – Apr 26, 2019

Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome to another weekly round-up post from our growing community of bloggers, writers, vloggers, podcasters, and other fellow creatives. To be straight to the point, each and every week we hand-pick five top posts from a pool of the highest voted user-submitted/created posts in the community and include them in this weekly round-up blog post, along with the newsletter for all of our e-mail subscribers. As per our submission rules, posts shared can not be re-posts, or older than 1 month (30 days), meaning that all of the following are fresh and recent!

Here are this week’s (Apr 20 – Apr 26, 2019) most valuable posts from the /t/BES content creators community:

1. Path to Professionalizing II: My Process
How do you make words happen? How do you make story happen? How do you get those first syllables to string themselves together – and, after that – how do you make more such wonderfulness appear.

2. Being Consistent: A Path to Personal Growth
Practice makes perfect. You have probably heard it a million times. When people say the same thing over and over again it’s easy to overlook it. When was the last time you applied this adage proactively?

3. 20 Inspiring Writing Podcasts to Subscribe to Right Now
For writers looking to bust writer’s block, hone their craft or spice up a boring commute, there’s no shortage of podcasts from amateurs and experts alike. Here, we’ve compiled 20 writing-related podcasts.

4. If I Build it, What Happens if They Don’t Come
The day arrives. Your creation is finished. It is built. You proudly put it out there to the world. And you wait for them to come. And they don’t. The blog post gets only a handful of reads. You’re crushed. What now?

5. 8 Ways to Inject Humor into Your Writing
Everybody wants to be funny. Humor puts people at ease and makes them more receptive—exactly the place you want your reader to be. But how do we write it without it sounding forced or cringey?

That’s all folks! You can view all the rest of the community’s top submissions (10 more) here.

Be sure to tune in next Friday for another great weekend reading list that will make you a better and more informed blogger, writer, and/or content creator! If you have anything awesome to submit that others might enjoy, feel free to do so!

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Great roundup list! These articles are really beneficial for anyone starting or wants to start a blog or just write. Thanks for sharing this 🙂