Pro Tip: Engage with your audience, they need a leader!

It’s no secret that over the past few months I spent a sizable chunk of time helping bloggers get started with their new blog communities. It’s been a very rewarding experience, and I want to share the ins and outs of what I learned.

I had a chance to email, call and skype chat with bloggers such as yourself about their vision of what an ideal blog community can do for them. I found the feedback generally leans towards 5 particularly definitive expectations.

To be clear, I’m in this business for the long game — and your blogs success is what I’m invested in, so buckle up, because we’re in for a wild ride!

Here is a list of five expectations based on blogger feedback:

  • I want my audience to regularly come back to my blog and community.
  • I want my audience to participate with other members in discussions within the content posted in my blog community.
  • I want my audience to share relevant content related to my blog and vision in order to increase my content output.
  • I want my audience to follow the rules and engage respectfully with other members within my community.
  • I want my audience to share my blog and community with others as I grow my member base and brand relevance.

In one of my previous posts I stressed the importance of personally taking a moment to share relevant content within your own community. I provided a really great way for you to quickly and easily add relevant content via a function called “content mirroring”, this of course, is only the start on the road to blogging success.

So I’m going to double down on how crucial it is to become an active leader, because a community without a leader is like a blog without a blogger. All the expectations above are exactly why we created the blog enhancement suite — I want you to have the tools to build a next generation blog experience for your audience. A giant leap for your blog and brand.

Having said that, it’s important to note that tools are just that, they can help you to achieve your goal, but you will need to yield and put them to use in order to do so. Nothing is ever automated in life!

Engagement starts with you

In order to promote and cultivate a culture of engagement, you and you alone will need to lead the way. The very first thing you can do is engage with those that are actively posting and commenting, so be sure to check back often and start discussions with your early members. The more time you spend doing this, the more active and engaging your community will become.

Here are a few daily things you can do to maximize your blog community’s growth potential:

  • Post blog related content often
    Each piece of content within your community creates an opportunity for discussion, be sure to spread it around to multiple communities to promote engagement.
  • Comment and/or reply to comments
    Discussions by definition are made up of multiple participants, the more you take part, the more people will notice you and your community.
  • Add related content to posts shared by others
    People love to engage with rich content hubs. The more additional content, the higher the chances of others joining in and noticing your contributions.

Remember, thousands of members from other communities on our platform can discover you based on your content. Many will likely mirror your content into other communities and join the conversation, so this can have far reaching and compounding effects on your growth and relevance.

Thanks for reading!

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great advises , I was looking for way to pin it to pinterest but it did not appear on the photo, I should definitely look after my audience much carefully as you suggested

Great points! Sharing third party content is pretty important. Thanks for the tips!

Gary Savoie

Good advice. The importance of engaging with your audience is often overlooked. If you want readers to come back to your site, you need to engage with them!

Awesome and useful tips! Indeed, it’s best to understand our niche very well.

The audience is what makes us grow up or grow apart. We should definitely take care of them!!!

Thanks. I never heard of the Blog Enhancement community before this post. Good thing I did, I found a particularly good article that really stands out.