This Week in Blogging, Writing, and Content Creation: Aug 3 – Aug 9, 2019

Happy Friday (and National Book Lovers Day) everyone!

Preface: Welcome to another weekly round-up post from our growing community of bloggers, writers, vloggers, podcasters, and other fellow creatives. To be straight to the point, each and every week we hand-pick five top posts from a pool of the highest voted user-submitted/created posts in the community and include them in this weekly round-up blog post, along with the newsletter for all of our e-mail subscribers. As per our submission rules, posts shared can not be re-posts, or older than 1 month (31 days), meaning that all of the following are fresh and recent! Tune in every week and you will gradually become a better and more insightful creative over time!

Douglas Preston from the L.A. Times captures our top spot this week with his investigative look into how writers are earning significantly less compared to just a decade ago because of various scams such as counterfeiting, doppelganging, title and sub-title cloning, piracy, plagiarism, among others. Little is being done about it at the moment, but it’s great to see this appear in a popular and nationally read newspaper, helping it garner it some well deserved attention.

In a close second, Darius Foroux lays out an incredibly simple but effective 4 step plan on how to form new habits that ultimately reflect your progress in life, and your creative journey. The pattern almost each and every time: Start small and work your way up.

Topping off the podium is Ann Marie Nieves from the Writer Unboxed blog, who focuses her post on small victories and how to embrace them, which coincidently is a bit of a continuation from Darius’ post just above. Great minds think alike! 😉

In our fourth spot Tim Denning, a popular Medium writer, self-reflects on the lessons he learned the hard (but common) way–by failing. Creating and launching a paid course is a growing and effective tactic in monetizing a blog or website, but as the space gets more congested, it will only get harder for those who dare step into the arena.

Last but not least, we arrive at The Art of Blogging, with Christian Mihai’s simple but effective list of things you can do to improve your blog and attract more readers. Some of these will take a significant amount of work, but that’s just how it works and sadly there’s no getting around it.

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