This Week in Blogging, Writing, and Content Creation: Aug 24 – Aug 30, 2019

Happy Friday (and National Beach Day) everyone!

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This week was one filled with some major drama in not one, but two seperate stories, including one that captured our top spot.

With over 30 MILLION followers combined on Facebook and Instagram, buddhist monk turned life coach and influencer Jay Shetty is kind of a big deal. It’s also kind of a big deal that he was outed for giving himself credit on countless videos and pictures of quotes written by others.  Check out the article for all the details including the full video by Nicole Arbour who provides ample examples.

Up next, at #2, is Shaunta Grimes with her highly relatable piece about how to ethically but effectively market yourself and whatever creative endeavour you’re on. She wisely reminds us to just be ourselves throughout the process and remember that the eyeballs you’re trying to reach out to are also attached to humans. You have to make sure you blog, and often, as it’s the absolutely most effective tactic out there, and do the tasks that are required to be done to help spread your work far and wide.

Securing third place is a motivational webcomic shared by Gary Vee on his Instagram that shows how your surroundings can completely change any situation. Things like creative endeavours simply take time, and no one can predict the future or how it will turn out. But being around positivity and good vibes, and having people rooting for you, can make the journey, and often just a learning experience, more enjoyable and humbling.

In fourth, Lucrezia Iapichino from Blogging For New Bloggers, takes a legal look into the GDPR, or fully known as General Data Protection Regulation. Although it’s a European law passed in early 2018, it essentially applies to all blogs and websites, since a large part of internet users reside there and are bound to their laws. The only way to fully get around following it would be to force block that entire cluster of users from accessing your site, but that would be just a terrible and shortsighted idea.

Finally, in the fifth and final spot, we arrive at the second drama post mentioned earlier, this time involving an Instagram influencer getting involved in a motorcycle accident. Zoe Kleinman, Technology reporter for the BBC, gives us a glimpse of how influencers are using controversial and unsafe tactics and situations to try and build attention, which ultimately results in more followers, more sponsors, and more clout.

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